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Finally working on projects again!

2008-06-21 16:24:30 by MCMA

I just finished and posted a song called "Leave Luck to Heaven". It's been a really long time since I put anything out.

I'm also working on a remix of "Curses!" with a man known as Peptotrippin on newgrounds. It's turning out to be really cool. It's anthem for how cool cursing is.

Cream Cheese Chillin'

2008-02-01 01:56:23 by MCMA

Man, I am cream cheese chillin'. That is how Con (the master of bass) would describe it. But that's probably because he was peptotrippin'.


2008-01-14 14:24:52 by MCMA

I've started using sampling with the song "Curses!" (which all of you should check out, yes).

New song update. This is actually a fairly old song, but new to this website.